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theBattleforge Wargame miniatures create fine cast figurines and hobby supplies for the wargame and model railway enthusiast. We also sell second hand and collectable items from other manufacturers and suppliers. This includes reference books, collectable models and toys, painted and unpainted miniatures, metal, resin and plastic component parts and accessories and other desirable second hand items.

Our own products are sculpted by "theBattleforge" whilst our in-house professional figure painter "Stretch" offers painting services and finished items from our own and other manufacturers product ranges.


‘From Fire and Flames’ and ‘theBattleforge’ are not associated or affiliated in any way with the original manufacturers of the second hand items that we sell.

With the sale of pre-owned items, we uphold the rights of the original manufacturer to be recognised as the originator of the product, and the owner of the Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Copyright therein.

Any reference to Trademarks is made without permission for the sole purpose of identification of the items for sale.   All photographs of pre-owned items are produced by ‘theBattleforge’ and may not be reproduced in any form.  The content of these photographs maybe subject to Copyright of the original manufacturer and the items are photographed without permission.

‘From Fire and Flames’ and ‘theBattleforge’ are trademarks of theBattleforge Limited.  All products and images manufactured by theBattleforge are Copyright © theBattleforge Limited 2010 all rights reserved.

‘theBattleforge’ products are not toys, they are models for the gamer and collector.  They are not recommended for children under the age of 14 years due to essential small parts and pointed components.

‘From fire and flames’ and ‘theBattleforge’ do not accept responsibility for the misuse of ‘theBattleforge’ products or second hand products offered for sale.  In respect of the second hand products, we refer you back to the original manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

‘From fire and flames’ and ‘theBattleforge’ modelling putties maybe classed as irritants and are not recommended for children under the age of 14 years.   They may cause irritation to skin and eyes and maybe harmful if swallowed of chewed.  These products may be harmful to aquatic life.  Please use and dispose of these products with care.

© Copyright Declaration

All images shown on this site are protected by International Copyright Law and by the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. All images, text and ideas remain the intellectual property of theBattleforge Limited.

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